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What name to give the restaurant?

The names of catering establishments are in any case rather difficult to somehow classify, but in the case of restaurants everything is much more complicated. Unlike signs at small points for a quick snack, the restaurant name rarely displays its concept or is associated with a specialty dish.

Nevertheless, common names can be divided into several main subgroups from which the owner can choose the one they like. And even better, if the restaurateur comes up with his own, unique and unusual name that will lure people to the institution.

A good restaurant name should not only sound beautiful, but also create an appetite – after all, people come to such places just to eat. Taking into account the fact that in recent times new catering points have been regularly opened, it is not an easy task to invent an original name. However, there are basic principles of naming (development of names), adhering to which, you can come up with an attractive and unusual sign for the sign.

Here is a brief instruction that will help the restaurateur to give a worthy name to his institution.

1. To choose a good restaurant name, it is important to consider four basic qualities – it should be easy to remember, be original, reflect the essence of the place, and be associated with something positive for people.

2. Anyway, any name of the institution can be considered original, but here everything depends on its concept and target audience. For example, a restaurant with the name “Vanilla” will be appreciated by young people with average incomes, but the inscription “The Pokrovskie Gate” will be more interesting for people of middle and old age. The main thing is to make the name conspicuous and easy to remember.

In no case should it be similar to the names of establishments located in the neighborhood, otherwise visitors may get confused. Also, do not choose long, difficult to pronounce words and phrases for the sign – this name will be very easy to forget.

3. It is a good idea to choose a name associated with the main dishes of the restaurant. It does not have to be the specific name of the dish or product, it is enough to at least hint to the visitors what type of kitchen the restaurant works with. So, if the main offers in the restaurant are pizza, pasta, and salads – you can choose a name associated with Italy.

At first glance it may seem that now in literally every city there is a huge number of institutions with Italian names. However, despite this, such an inscription on the sign will still be successful. It provides a potential client with information about the kitchen of this establishment, and this means that no connoisseur of Italian dishes will not pass by.

4. The main reasons why a client goes to a restaurant is the desire to have a delicious dinner, to spend time in good company, to receive quality and friendly service, and also to enjoy the beautiful setting. The great advantage of the institution can be pleasant music (especially live), as well as the presence of a collection of interesting books. All this will attract a large number of new customers, if one aspect is reflected in the sign of the establishment.

But in this case, the name must be true, otherwise dissatisfied visitors will not want to return to the restaurant. For example, if the name is in any way connected with books, it will be rather strange when there are no books inside the institution.

5. In general, the name development scheme for a restaurant is similar to the choice of names for any other institution or organization. The first, and perhaps the most important step is to study the target audience. That is, you first need to determine which contingent will attend the institution, and take into account its preferences and needs. The correct choice of the name depends on both the age and the level of prosperity of potential customers, since different groups of people will have completely different tastes.

After this step, you need to study the institutions of competitors, and compare the success of the restaurants with the names. One last thing: you should not focus on one word or expression. It is better to choose about ten of the most optimal names, and after this, using the exception method, leave the best of them.

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