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Earn on coaching

Director of ALEX FITNESS in Tatarstan – Artem Kurzov came to the sport in his childhood. Since then, he has come a long way from his personal trainer at Planet Fitness to opening more than 10 fitness clubs throughout Russia. In an interview, he talks about how to wisely build a career in the fitness industry. Artem also shares life principles that will help to achieve success in any field. This interview is an excellent basis for the beginning of self-development according to the author’s methodology.

Artem, thank you for graciously agreeing to talk with us. We are very pleased to interview such a respected person.

Let’s talk about you. You have been working in the fitness industry for more than 18 years. Tell us about why you decided to become a coach and what prospects did you see in this profession? It would be interesting to know how you started your journey, and how much time it took you to grow from a regular coach to a manager of a whole network of clubs. What difficulties did you encounter at the very beginning?

Yes, in the fitness industry I am from the last century 🙂 It all started, I think, from playing sports in childhood. My father led me to this path; he himself loves sports and an active lifestyle. In the first grade, he enrolled me in the bandy section at the Children’s and Youth Sports School in Monchegorsk, where I come from. It was a truly incredible time, I played in the junior team “Severonikel”, one of the top teams of the highest league of the USSR, and then Russia. The stadium was a 10-minute walk from the house, and the way to workout was past the Monchegorsk Technical School of Physical Education and Sport, on the basis of which the branch of the winter sports GAFK was opened. Lesgaft. Apparently, this path led me to this educational institution, and, despite the high competition and persuasion of friends to go to a vocational school, I decided to enroll in a technical school, and after graduating from a technical school – to the Academy. Lesgaft.

In 1998, the branch suspended its activities in our city for financial reasons, and I transferred to St. Petersburg, where I graduated from the Academy. And I was transferred from the alpine skiing department to the athleticism department of the weightlifting department, since at that time I was seriously interested in bodybuilding.

In parallel with my studies in a tough competition, 15 candidates for a place, I got a job at the best fitness club at the time, and became a personal trainer. Like what to do more? My first in the group got a mobile phone, bought a new car, the earnings were quite high by the standards of the average salary in the city at that time. However, due to the fact that I was always ambitious and tried to develop, I began to think about moving upwards. He rose to the director of a network of clubs, then went on to study further, recently completed an international MBA program at the University of Voenmech in St. Petersburg.

The main difficulty is what is called the “Image of Self” in psychology. This program in the subconscious as an autopilot leads us through life. It is this psychology that allows us or does not allow us to become someone in life; I am talking about this in bonus video lectures of my course. People do not think about who they can become: they simply do not believe that they can be someone more than they are now.

You started your career as a personal trainer at Planet Fitness club. However, education received a little in another area – “Master of Business Administration” (MBA). Is it possible to become a fitness trainer from scratch without special education? And what advice can you give to a person who only plans to turn his life around and try himself as a personal trainer?

First, let’s clarify what education is? From a legal point of view, education is a diploma, but practically knowledge and skills are needed. To become a professional, it is not enough to have a diploma, you need to constantly improve. Remember V.I. Ulyanov, how did he study? He was removed from school and he studied on his own, overlaid with books. Today we have more opportunities to learn – we can not only read, but also listen to podcasts and watch videos. But how much does it do? If a person correctly sets a goal, then he can acquire knowledge and skills without a university, but this can only be done by conscious, highly developed and strong-willed people. By the way, I also speak about this in my courses.

To become a coach, you need:

Want to
Set a goal correctly
To study the subject both in theory and in practice.
Information is now available, and anyone can change their careers and become a coach. But not by the wave of a magic wand, but will have to invest. Cash investments are the smallest of investments, time is the biggest investment.

What is attractive for you career in the fitness industry? What does the career ladder look like in this area and how much income can you expect from the different steps of this ladder?

This business as an industry is very attractive in terms of vocation, because those who work in fitness have a mission to help people, help them to change their lives, to become better.

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