What name to give the restaurant?
The names of catering establishments are in any case rather difficult to somehow classify, but in the case of restaurants everything is much more complicated. Unlike signs at small points…

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Earn on coaching
Director of ALEX FITNESS in Tatarstan - Artem Kurzov came to the sport in his childhood. Since then, he has come a long way from his personal trainer at Planet…

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How energy audit will save production money
“Saving is the second profit,” says the irrefutable thesis of a market economy. In energy-intensive industries, where the share of energy consumption in the cost of production is five percent…

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Famous people who made a hobby their profession

“Do what you like and you never have to work” is a truth that remains outside of time and location. To some, it seems to be unattainable, and someone has made it their life credo and adheres to this position, enjoying every day. How to decide on the risk and start earning your hobby? The first step: to be inspired by the stories of popular personalities and partially adopt their experience.

Joanne Rowling
The road from Manchester to London was fateful for the writer. It was then that she came up with the idea of ​​a story about a young wizard who years later brought her world fame and recognition. Literary activity has always liked Rowling, but she never took it seriously. However, within seven years after that trip, quite a few tragic events happened in the life of Joan, at that time secretary-translator. In the wake of all her experiences, she was inspired, and she began to carry her idea onto paper. Further developments need no introduction. Today, Rowling is a popular British writer, screenwriter and director, and her Harry Potter is the favorite hero of millions of people on the planet.

Pokras lampas
The young calligrofuturist Arseny Pyzhenkov, known under the creative pseudonym of Pokras Lampas, is in demand around the world. His works excite the consciousness of representatives of all generations. Some express a negative opinion, others sincerely admire his canvases, others are infected with calligraphy and begin to work in this direction. Arseny, meanwhile, collaborates with Russian and Western brands, turning advertising into a work of art, and also participates in non-commercial underground projects. The main rule of the artist: to work until the last sweat and never give up. It would seem simple words, but this is often neglected by young talented people. Further, as Pokras admits in his interviews, the matter stands behind branding. It is important to present yourself and your creativity as something unique, to create a new format. Only then the hobby will begin to bring not only pleasure, but also profit.

Henry Ford
The most famous industrialist of the twentieth century and the founder of the Ford plant began from the position of a simple mechanic in a small production. In his free time, he designed his own car. So he created the first vehicle. Today, a rare person can say that he does not know Ford cars. Henry was not only distinguished by great tenacity and brilliant cast of mind. He also became a vivid example of the fact that the activity should be directed directly to the target audience and have a key idea. His client was the middle class, and the idea was the wording: everyone should have a car. It was this idea that he turned into reality, having gone from a mechanic to a great inventor.

Vasily Volchok
The founder of one of the leading Russian youth clothing brands has been searching for himself for a long time and tried many areas of activity. This architecture, and photography, and camera work on 2×2 channel. There was a period when today’s designer made his living as a waiter. But even in this period of time, he never ceased to develop. His main rule: surround yourself with talented people who inspire. At the beginning of the crisis in Russia, he caught the mood of his generation. This wave was attended by sadness, longing and some kind of romanticism inherent exclusively to the Russian soul. All this is reflected in his clothes. Today, the Yunost t-shirts have become iconic, and the master of his craft continues to expand the network of stores. As Volchok recently reported, at the turn of the 30-year mark, he found and, not least, understood himself. It is not difficult to guess what caused this.

Robert Frost
One of the most talented American poets was originally a school teacher. But the craving for the art of versification was in his heart from early childhood, and he published his first poems in his youth. In the future, he was waited not only by the departure from teaching, but also by obstacles to success in poetry. Only by the age of forty, his works found their publisher. In the work of Frost, you can see a curious outline: his lyrical hero is simple, but in his inner world there are hidden deep feelings and a philosophical concept. All this is a reflection of the poet’s life. An educated man with remarkable talent spent many years on the farm, doing housework. He could carry all this through life and present it in a lyric format.

David Duchovny
The ironic “Fornicating California” and the atmospheric “X-Files” would not have been such if it had not been Duchovny. Few know that in his youth he wanted to become a writer, and for this purpose he studied literature in college. The idea of ​​taking acting classes was spontaneous. What he began to get in the classroom, captured the soul and consciousness of the student. The game has become a favorite hobby, which gradually grew into a professional activity.

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