Typical mistakes novice entrepreneurs
In an interview, Radislav Gandapas (an entrepreneur with 18 years of experience, a well-known business coach) told how he once opened his business. Dear office in a new business center,…

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Packaging and labeling of goods
Trademarks appeared when it became necessary to separate manufacturers and sellers. Today, they perform the same function, denoting quality standards and features of the functional characteristics of goods manufactured under…

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Assortment policy of the enterprise
Since the assortment is a group of goods, before considering its concept, it is necessary to analyze the product classification. All products that make up the market can be divided…

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How to get rid of debt

Sometimes it comes to the banal: I want ice cream (for example, I have a dime in my wallet, my salary is in a few days), because you can wait and eat a treat later with a sense of pleasure. But the future debtor does not know how to wait, he will do everything, and the word “everything” is meant to find money, but in debt. And so on a thread, slowly, someone multiplies their income, giving this debtor money in debt at interest, and someone slowly but surely plunges into a sucking debt trap. And to get out of it yourself, as a drowning man from a swamp, is almost impossible. But with recommendations from MirSovetov all on the shoulder!

Debt Recovery Scheme

Each has its own wrong, convoluted road to money debts, but sooner or later the question arises: “How to get rid of these debts?”. MirSovetov offers a way out of protracted lack of money.

“Debt card”. If you asked the question “How to get rid of debts?”, It means that you have at least three main sources of cash debts:
loans from “friends” at interest.
To begin with we make the so-called “debt card”. We recall and write in a notebook all loans, cash debts, loans, etc. We do not forget about the pawnshop, usually the debtors have practically all the gold and equipment there. Can’t make a “debt card”? Not sure where to start? It seems that there is simply no way out? Drop bad thoughts. Ask to help someone from loved ones. Your personal “home” accountant will remind you of debts and record all repayments. You can even negotiate with creditors. If you have enough strength for everything and you will be able to paint everything on points independently – excellent. Unfortunately, many debtors lose heart at a certain point, they don’t want to do anything at all, even dismissal from work. It would seem that, on the contrary, it is necessary to increase your income, find a side job, or ask your bosses for a pay raise. On the contrary, the debtor seems to want to change everything, trying to find another place of work, one, second, third, as a result, is left with nothing. So, in such a situation, the help of a friend will be helpful You need to understand when you fix your debts on paper and paint everything down to the smallest detail, thus bringing order in your head, there will not be that chaotic mess of thoughts that torment you daily.

Debt repayment plan

We make a plan for repayment of debts. To do this, choose the largest amount that borrowed from friends or borrowed. And we begin to slowly pay off debts. All funds that come to you, it is better to put on a bank card and hide it away. So you will save yourself from the temptation to spend money. Create a rule for yourself: take a card only to put money on it. If you have several credit cards, choose the one with which to make purchases by bank transfer more profitable, and go to the store only with it.

The main thing – on time to pay at least the minimum payment. Missed, well! We’ll have to talk with the employee from the debt department. At first they will be polite, then they will begin to threaten, scare, in general, morally to put pressure on you and emphasize once again that you are almost completely dependent on them. By and large, it is, you are dependent on their own money. I advise you to call the bank yourself and find out for your debts, then they will talk to you more politely. Always tell the exact date of payment of the debt, even if you know for sure that you will not be able to pay on the appointed day. Thus, until that day you can be left alone, you see, and something will be decided and you will be able to pay the loan earlier. Keep calm, although the terror of extortion of your debts is sometimes sometimes unbearable. Be prepared for the fact that the “good” uncles and tetechki from the bank will charge you penalties for late payment, write “romantic” warning letters, send text messages, call several times a day, they may even be offered to re-borrow someone, but the main thing is to pay the payment on schedule. At the same time, if you call them in advance and ask them to postpone a payment or freeze a loan for a while, they pretend that they don’t even know what they are talking about, they redirect calls to one or the other department, and in the end they charge you a lot penalties. Therefore, in order not to have such problems and hassle, it is better to pay everything on time.

Here the situation is more complicated. On the one hand, everything is simple – you don’t have to wait at a pawnshop, just a passport, grandmother’s or wedding ring on bail and money in your hands. It seems that you have been saved for a while: “Then everything will be decided with debts, and I will definitely buy my little gold out,” you calm yourself. But the mad interest that you pay for your rings is the money you have to spend on life.

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